Getting Ready for Prosperity

The prosperity process is about moving past limitations.

It’s about expanding our ideas of who we are, what we can accomplish, and how we can serve our customers and the entire world through our business activities.

It’s the willingness to start over!

It’s the realization that we always have everything we need to tap into the infinite power of the creative mind, producing new ideas, new products, new services and new relationships that can open up true wealth whenever we desire it.

The Real Roots Of Prosperity

Prosperity is rooted in the confident understanding that our thoughts connect us with the Absolute Ground, the underlying intelligent reality that brings all kinds of abundant possibilities into manifestation..

That’s one of the underlying points of awareness for the Third Eye Success Circle.  If we remember our connection with the Absolute Ground, we can open up endless new horizons for our businesses, for our customers, for our employees and associates, and for ourselves as well.

We explore those lively connections with the prosperity process by focusing on Integrity, Intuition, and Increase in our business activities.