Intuition is the ability to look beyond the obvious and see the sublime.

Sometimes intuition comes to us in a sudden spectacular flash.

At other times it a much more gradual process, sneaking up on us in stages until we recognize insights and understanding we didn’t know we had.

Sometimes there’s a give-and-take involved, with probing questions and times of confusion mixed with a sequence of sparks of clarity.

To awaken your intuition, create and clarify your vision for yourself and your business.

Follow your vision; be open to where it leads you.

Cultivate mindfulness. By paying attention to who you really are and what’s going on around you, you’ll open up fresh possibilities.

When you have a hunch, don’t ignore it. Learn to trust your gut.

Instead of trying to be the one with all the answers, relax.

Step back, take a break and let the answers come to you!

You’ll know that your intuition is getting stronger when you experience synchronicity – unexpectedly being in the right place at the right time; having a  key person call you just when you were about to pick up the phone yourself to contact them; seeing things come together in your business in poweful, almost magical ways.

Whether or not you share your intuitive insights with others is up to you. But always be sure to welcome intuition into your life, and consciously make it a part of your business.

The more you honor and respect your intuition, the stronger it will grow, and the more powerfully it will provide clarity and direction at critical times.