If you’re an enlightened entrepreneur, we’re here for you.

If you have a purpose-driven business, if you’re motivated by more than making money, this is your place.

If you’re ready to take personal responsibility for changing the world as you create expanded prosperity for yourself and others, we want to connect!

The Third Eye Success Circle is about principles, promises, and possibilities. But most of all, it’s about YOU!

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The Third Eye Success Circle is here to open up new potential for you and your inspired business.

We’re here to share ideas, provide guidance and resources, and embrace the greater wisdom that blossoms when spiritual resolve meets the world of abundance.

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We’ve recently started scheduling weekly conversations on the ClubHouse social audio platform. They’re a great way to make connections, get to know each other, and go a little deeper in providing mutual support and encouragement.

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Core Values

The Third Eye Success Circle is rooted in key principles.

These are the core values that not only define what’s important, but also help create a dynamic road map to success.

The Third Eye Success Circle is for and about businesses who have higher purposes, or are the creation of enlightened entrepreneurs.  That’s why INTEGRITY is vital.

Successful businesses are able to share a bigger vision. They can open up wider possibilities for their customers and for the communities they serve. And nothing opens up more possibilities than a clear and consistent connection with INTUITION.

The real edge – in monetary transactions and in the impact of a business on the world – comes from ongoing INCREASE. If a business isn’t growing in the value and service that it provides, and in the revenues it creates, it isn’t living up to its full potential.


A Pandemic Pause

One thing led to another through the closing months of 2019. We got together a few brainstorming sessions, meeting face to face in our Florida conference room to explore more and more powerful ways of anchoring business growth in spiritual realities. November and December included some travel time. But by February 2020 we had to …


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